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Re: [IP] closing the loop! Question

> > How is it refilled with insulin

Seems to me the worry people have
about "buying a new pump" would really be warranted in this case.  I would
hate to have that thing inside me and a problem develop.   NO WAY, I think
I'll stick with the
external pumps that can be disconnected.  They may be in the way sometimes,
but I don't have to worry about them verbolusing more than 300 units at a
time.  THAT I
can survive!      :>) George >>>

hmmmm - that should call for a YMMV! ;)  But if we think we have pump wars
now, can you imagine someone getting this new closed loop system, then a
competitor comes out with a *better* one, or the original mfgr has a
new-and-improved model, what will this list turn into? Or, maybe that won't
be IP - it'll be IPP (email @ redacted). I highly doubt the
first-generation implanted pump will be the last.

BTW, I'm with George on not going for this. I prefer to be in control with
an external device. I'm too old of a dog at this stage. YMMV (~_^)

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