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Re: [IP] Re: large amounts of insulin

> >>> <snip> But I am on such large amounts of prednisone now for the rest
> my life that my insulin needs have gone up example 4 u insulin for each 13
> grams of carbs and my basals are set a 3 units sometimes higher but at
> things are still rough because i have to change the cartridge daily and my
> insurance won't allow for the supplies I need :(   <snip> Ginny >>>


I have used U500 Humalin Regular for the last 2 years. It works that 1 unit
is equal to 5 units of U100 insulin. I had to adjust my basal rates to deal
with the different peaking from the Humalog. The reason that I started using
it was that given large doses or continued doses of Humalog or Novolog I
have skin reactions that cutting with regular didn't help. I use about 128
units a day as a basal so it's 25.3 units a day with the U500. I can now
load the cartrigde once a week and change my site twice a week without a

I generally don't use my pump to bolus unless I am using the square wave or
for correction for a high. I carry a humalog pen or use Novolog to bolus
with. This has given me the best control and I have steadily had my a1c at
5.3 to 5.5.

I do need to give my pharamacy time (about 3-4 days) when I refill the Rx
for the U500 because they get it straight from Lily and not their regular
distributor. I use a mail order supply to get it usually and the Doctor
writes the NDC # that helps identify it on the RX when I mail it in. It only
comes in a 20ml bottle (twice the size of a normal insulin bottle) and you
must have a Rx for it. Lily is the only company that I know of that makes a
U500 regular insulin right now.

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