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Re: [IP] closing the loop! Question

On 17 Aug 2002 at 10:39, James Handsfield wrote:
> > How is it refilled with insulin 
> On the surface that interfaces the skin is a membrane through which the
> insulin is refilled.  It's done in a way that it draws in the insulin needed to
> fill it - approximately every month or two (some have said three months, but I
> don't know what that would do to the potency of the insulin).

I have understood that they would use a U500 insulin so that the capacity of the reservoir would account for a longer period of time.  Seems to me the worry people have 
about "buying a new pump" would really be warranted in this case.  I would hate to have that thing inside me and a problem develop.   NO WAY, I think I'll stick with the 
external pumps that can be disconnected.  They may be in the way sometimes, but I don't have to worry about them overbolusing more than 300 units at a time.  THAT I 
can survive!      :>)

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