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[IP] Re: large amounts of insulin

>>> <snip> But I am on such large amounts of prednisone now for the rest of
my life that my insulin needs have gone up example 4 u insulin for each 13
grams of carbs and my basals are set a 3 units sometimes higher but at that
things are still rough because i have to change the cartridge daily and my
insurance won't allow for the supplies I need :(   <snip> Ginny >>>


I know there are some people already using u500 insulin in a pump - can you
do this? Seems like you are a *perfect* candidate for it. If your dr.
doesn't have knowledge of it, I'd contact Lilly as they have it in their
75th anniversary booklet with product developments in it. Somehow you should
be able to access it. Good Luck (~_^)

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