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[IP] Re: Overeating?

At 12:27 AM 8/17/02, you wrote:
>Whew, and here I thought I'd get flamed for telling
>overweight people they ate more than than needed.

Well, I've been holding my tongue, but since you brought it up again... 
there is a such thing as eating too little.  I am scolded over and over by 
my doctors for not eating ENOUGH.  As they tell me, eating too little 
causes weight gain (believe it or not).  It seems that our bodies do know 
when we're getting enough or not and they will go into starvation mode and 
try to hold on to as much fat as possible to take us through the "lean 
times" they perceive to keep from starving.  So, your "just eat less" 
approach is much too simplistic.  But, then, being a man, you're not 
familiar with all the problems that women face with the weight loss 
issue.  I can give you a list of ALL the foods I ate yesterday, but you 
would probably not believe I have eaten so little and still cannot lose 
weight.  But then, that's your shortcoming in believing that "one size fits 
all" in the struggle for weight loss.  While I do agree, that if a person 
is obese from eating super-sized everything, eating less will help them to 
lose weight but that may not be the answer for everyone.

not flaming here, just stating the facts
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