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Re: [IP] closing the loop! Question

I have been reading how the closed loop pump would work. My questions are:
Why would we want to have something surgically implanted in us when there
is risk of infection? And would our body try to reject this? How is it
refilled with insulin and how would the basal rates and that be changed if
something needs to be changed?
BTW- i am going to switched to a pump which holds more insulin. I will miss
the Minimed pump because of the dual wave system. But I am on such large
amounts of prednisone now for the rest of my life that my insulin needs
have gone up example 4 u insulin for each 13 grams of carbs and my basals
are set a 3 units sometimes higher but at that things are still rough
because i have to change the cartridge daily and my insurance won't allow
for the supplies I need :(  
I was told there would be a cure when I was diagnosed at age 13 which was
40 yrs ago this year. 
I really hope there will be a cure and I mean a cure..pumps don't cure it
and neither does insulin. :( WIsh it was so easy.
Is anyone using a good blood glucose machine which doesn't involved
pricking the body? I am up to 15 times per day..I have been told the gluco
watch isn't reliable enough to base ones calculations on- anyone know if
this is a true statement or not? 
I'm trying to incorporate all my notes in one note..
I wish everyone a great weekend!
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