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In a message dated 8/16/02 9:34:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> .  The pump is implanted under the skin with a drip tube feeding into
> the peritoneum (the abdominal cavity).  A sensor is threaded through the
> venous system and is sited in the superior vena cava just outside the heart.
> The five patients originally used were previously extremely brittle
> diabetics with huge swings in blood glucose.  After the trial went fully
> automatic, HbA1c readings have been within normal range for non-diabetics;
> the highest BGs never went above 140 mg/dL, and the lowest measures were
> around 75.  The insulin reservoir is refilled every two or three months.
> Clinical trials for the closed loop system in the United States should start
> in a few months.  This system is made by Medtronic/Minimed, and is the
> reason that Medtronic acquired Minimed.  Medtronic is the largest

   ok, so the clinical trials that are underway is dripping the insulin into 
the peritoneum, not subcutaneously....whatever, WHO CARES!!  regardless, the 
point is the patients that are in the study are having glycemic control 
comparable to a non diabetic....to me, it sounds like a closed loop system is 
working quite brilliantly...and jim is absolutely right...why do you think 
medtronic aquired minimed!!!???   because medtronic does the implantable 
sensors and minimed has the implantable pump, so together, they can make a 
SHITLOAD of money together..its really not that hard of a concept..

  sorry for all you pessimists of the "cure.."  but i think most articles in 
regards to that on the past were talking about stem cells, or other 
means....the closed loop system is VERY much a reality and this is proven in 
human clinical trials....the proof is scientific, you cant disprove 
documented data.
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