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[IP] compare and contrast

ooh i had sent that to you privately - didnt know you had posted it...  well

you just wrote: 
> heh... heh... but most people don't eat two yogurts and 
> most people DO drink a 16 oz or larger soda. I'm comparing 
> TYPICAL serving to serving, not STANDARD serving sizes.

true, but a regular soda has no more carb, ounce for ounce. than the 
yogurt....Most people may not eat two yogurts, but they sure probably don't 
eat a standard 1/2 cup serving of ice cream or kraft macaroni and cheese and 
NO one eats a standard 1/4 of grape nuts,  BUT THEY DO bolus 
accordingly...They don't bolus for the "standard" serving, if they want the 
bg to stay in range...similarly with a regular soda...if you are gonna do the 
crime, you better do the insulin...



I don't disagree with you, it's really a social commentary on people's bad 
habits (mine included).
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