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[IP] 5 years

Liz wrote:
> you heard that when I was diagnosed in 1970 there would be a 
> cure in five years?  I didn't believe them then and I don't now.

heh heh...guess by the time i was diagnosed in 1974 they had already decided 
5 years wasnt enough time...baby "20" years would do it...yeah 20 
years...THAT's the ticket...heh hehe...that'll keep em from breathing down 
our necks til oh, 2000...and so in about 1999, 2000, they start telling us, 
"still  a few years off" cuz it is safer to say THAT, being vague, then put a 
number on it...

yep....and I got some prime ocean front property in Arizonat to sell ya...

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