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[IP] islet cell article and some more smart a** dribble

great, informative article...and at least they are saying "islet cell 
transplantation is years off" (meaning it could be 20, it could be 200), 
instead of how they used to say it in the 70s and 80s..."oh another 20 years 
and we should have this sucker licked."  

however just to be ornery, I take small issue with this statement:
>...with the incidence of Type 2diabetes - the variation believed to be 
> caused, in part, by obesity and sedentary lifestyles - at epidemic levels

Not speaking as a type 2, but is not type 2 diabetes exacerbated, NOT caused, 
by obesity and sedentary lifestyles?  have they not proven conclusively that 
it is a whole string of metabolic and endocrine train wrecks which decrease 
the sensitivity to one's own insulin, so less food is converted to energy, 
making one feel hungrier, so they eat more, so their blood sugar goes higher, 
so they pee more to get rid of all that excess sugar, so they get thirsty and 
drink gallons of soda to alleviate teh thirst, which raises their blood sugar 
again, so they are tired adn letharigic from teh ups and downs, and can't be 
bothered to get any exercise and so on in an unending vicious cycle that 
eventually gets called diabetes, CAUSED by you being fat and lazy???

I think it is "old school" to look at type 2 and say you are that way BECAUSE 
you are fat and lazy...oh sure, there is the genetic PREDISPOSTION to the 
disease, and there are lifestyle changes you can affect to postpone, delay or 
avoid the disease, but to summarily "blame" fritos and play station for 
causing diabetes is a lazy way out.

There was an article in Newsweek about a year ago that discussed how sleep 
deprivation was shown to increase the incidence of type 2 diabetes....and are 
we NOT the most sleep deprived nation in the world??? Perhaps it ISN't 
Wendys, and Burger King and the Lords Ben and Jerry who are responsible for 
this epidemic...Perhaps, JUST MAYBE, we can blame Ted Turner, CNBC, ESPN and 
of course Skin-a-Max...people are putting in 1000s of hours of tv 
time...maybe it isn't the handfuls of malted milk balls, but rather, the late 
night candle-burning...hmmmmmmm now THAT would really put a twist on 
everything huh?  instead of worrying if there is sugar in my diet coke, i can 
stress out about my favorite shows being on during VERBOTEN hours...



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