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[IP] Re: urine output on dialysis

> Jan Said:
> >Well, the failure would also show a diminished amount of output. It >has
> >been a few years since I've been able to fill one jug. The one a >couple
> >weeks ago was 1/2 jug. I'll soon have NO urine output - took >a friend a
> >year on dialysis 'til she *quit*. YMMV (~_^)
> The diminished output is true, in some cases.  I had an endo who wanted 24
> hour tests every month (what a PITA she was) and I can *never* even given
> them enough to even do the test, let alone fill a cup or a jug.  I still
> don't, so my new endo doesn't even bother to ask me to do the test.
> Weird Jenn

AFAIK, in ALL cases patients on dialysis evenutally quit urine output. The
kidneys no longer need to do their job, so they let the dialysis take over -
especially when one's function is already greatly diminished at 10-12% when
they start dialysis. My twin friend's (DMer 67 yrs) twin took a year for her
to quit peeing. I'm about less than a quart a day now. They ask me
periodically at the center if I still have some output. They're expecting it
to quit. (~_^)

BTW, my endo said I have a buildup of insulin in my system due to the
diminished ouput. Hugsband asked if it was like little trash cans floating
around in my body? Endo said that was a good analogy ;-) - he told me to
watch BGs as they may start rising due to cleaning my system. That's three
*-ologists* who have agreed. (endo, neph, heart)

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