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[IP] Comparison of H-tron to H-Tron Plus

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Re: [IP] Comparison of D-tron to H-Tron Plus?
From: Becky <email @ redacted>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 18:30:47 -0700 (PDT)
>met someone the other day who has a plain old h-tron. what is the 
>difference between that and an "h-tron plus v-100"?
The first set of Disetronic insulin pumps I used from Jan 1993
to Jan 2000 were the "original"
H-Tron V100, grey
since then I've been using their successor
"H-TRONplus V100" one grey, one clear.

There are probably more differences, but as I remember it,
most of the difference was in the microprocessor programming
stored in the units' ROM chips, establishing its behavior:
plus remembers last 10 bolus amounts, original only the last one.
plus remembers last 5 alarms, original only the last one?

Plus temporary basal adjustments up and down in steps of 10%
100=usual, temp 90% or 110%, 80% or 120%, 70% or 130% ... to 0% or 200%
Original temp-basal was only down by 25%: 100, 75%, 50%, 25%, 0%
"Standard" durations of temp-basal changes were different too,
but I had mine set to my own desires when I ordered them, so would
have to read the manuals to remember what "standard" settings "were".

Priming amount was smaller, I think it was 10units on "original",
where we get 20units on "plus". I always stop the priming when
the flow reaches the open end of tubing/set, so now only needs
to be started once.

Both used the name-suffix "V100" to designate their internal-program
settings for U-100 insulin, 3.15ml = 315iu insulin.
Pumps sold in Germany were available alternately as "V40" holding
128units of U-40 insulin in the same 3.15ml cartridge. Possibly
other destinations in Europe too, where such "non U-100" insulins
as U-40 may yet be the usually available strength of sold insulin.

Timekeeping was not improved, they continue to lose about 4.2
seconds per day, or 2 minutes per month. Simple design programming
error vs the hardware specification of the microprocessor clock.

I'm curious whether other pumps (D-tron, MiniMed, Animas, Dana, DCzmo)
have been observed by their users to have any pattern of timekeeping
error from "standard" clocks too?

Alarm signals listed on the back had small changes,
I think 11 is new, 5 & 10 may have changed, all others same.

Mechanical differences:
"S" button on front was a rubber-bubble similar to the "H"&"M"
buttons on top, Now on "plus", the "S" button is a small crater
in the face-skin, which now is continuous over the window & button.
Original's markings were directly on the case's plastic, like the
^h and m-down still are printed, no "overskin".

Original's "H" & "M" buttons and their "slot" in the top-edge of case
were about 1/16 inch or 1.5mm closer together and the slot shorter

Serial numbers
may have suffixes L=Loaner R=Replacement or Refurbished
801.nnnnn = original
805.nnnnn = plus

Only the plus has the word "insulin" printed on the butt-end,
original did not have the word anywhere "on" the machine.

Plus has the "year of manufacture" and "factory roof" symbol
to the right of serial number, original did not.

On the back near the battery & cartridge-adapter, same panel
where the "3" and "2" for the batteries are, now has the
"IPX7" watertightness mark, and the "akimboX" for "human" symbol.
Original may not have had some of those markings.

Since the "wet letter" of Mar15,2001 from Disetronic, that IPX7
became "wrong", the "red tappet" I presume was made unavailable
and any "prior" instructions for their use "should have been"
forgotten. (That's official-ese for its not considered
water-proof/resistant now-adays, so don't get it wet the "new"
book says.)

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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