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Re: [IP] Comparison of D-tron to H-Tron Plus?

At 09:46 PM 8/16/02, you wrote:
>wow, the h-trons come in yellow now? i have a blue one (vladimir) and a 
>clear one (leopold).
>actually now that i think about it it might be time for vlad to take a 
>break, he's been on duty
>for four months...
>i wonder if disetronic does cosmetic repairs? leopold has a crack in his 
>little window, which is
>why i won't risk getting him wet.

Max, my H-Tron+, got a couple hairline cracks in his case.  I called 
Disetronic, they told me to send him in to be checked out.  They have 
replaced him with a brand new H-Tron+ pump.  I had my choice of colors for 
the replacement too.

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