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Re: [IP] closing the loop!

<email @ redacted>  wrote:

> will remain constant in a given range from say 80-160....so how can
> glucose control prove to not have better control than MANUAL pump therapy
> that we have today??

Clinical trials currently under way in France have shown very promising
results.  The pump is implanted under the skin with a drip tube feeding into
the peritoneum (the abdominal cavity).  A sensor is threaded through the
venous system and is sited in the superior vena cava just outside the heart.

The five patients originally used were previously extremely brittle
diabetics with huge swings in blood glucose.  After the trial went fully
automatic, HbA1c readings have been within normal range for non-diabetics;
the highest BGs never went above 140 mg/dL, and the lowest measures were
around 75.  The insulin reservoir is refilled every two or three months.

Clinical trials for the closed loop system in the United States should start
in a few months.  This system is made by Medtronic/Minimed, and is the
reason that Medtronic acquired Minimed.  Medtronic is the largest
manufacturer of biosensors and other implantable devices like pacemakers.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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