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Re: [IP] closed loop system!

	Whew, and here I thought I'd get flamed for telling 
overweight people they ate more than than needed.
   Trust me M. bassem, they are a long way from closing the loop with 
subcutaneous  delivery.  Even a little understanding of control 
system stability will tell you that the excessive delay of insulin in 
reaching the blood will make for a very unstable system, despite any 
attempts at perfecting algorithms.  Indeed, they've been perfecting 
that algorithm for maybe 20 years.   A system with IV delivery is 
possible, but who wants a permanent IV line?  And there have been 
some successful attempts in hospital beds with intraperitoneal 
delivery in Europe and by MM, but that is not user friendly, and has 
lots of potential problems.   So keep dreaming about those 
breakthroughs, but don't lose sleep over them.  And please, when 
those algorithms are perfect, I will put your name in to be one of 
the very first to try it out.  See, I may be ignorant, but I really 
do have a kind heart.  Just don't use it during an exciting surgery. 
Actually immuno-protected beta cell transplants are a far more likely 
thing to happen, well before the mechanical loop is closed.
    And BTW, I fear that, if indeed my comment is close to the most 
ignorant statement you have ever heard, you clearly have not been 
listening enough to your professors (or your president, for that 
matter).  In any event you should be happy you're not in one of my 
classes, since if you so blindly accept the corporate medical 
propaganda, your grade might reflect that. :-)

CLOSE...i dont know who you think you are (on a level of education) to say
such a statement, but this is soooo far from the truth....minimed has already
closed the loop for 4 consecutive days, when they attempted to do so, on 10
different individuals....theyre just perfecting the algorithm between the
pump and the glucose sensor so it can work for all different individuals, of
all different body types and metabolisms....being a first yr med student, and
both parents physicians, i hear first hand, about the medical research and
breakthroughs coming out for diabetes, especially the artificial pancreas,
which is indeed a CLOSED LOOP system and is VERY close to reality..
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