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Re: [IP] closed loop system! ... Doctors are not God's

>As a medical student, I am sure you are already aware of how precise you 
>must be with some of the things that you are studying.......
>> CLOSE...i dont know who you think you are (on a level of education) to say
>>such a statement, but this is soooo far from the truth....minimed has already
>>closed the loop for 4 consecutive days, when they attempted to do so, on 10
>>different individuals....theyre just perfecting the algorithm between the
>>pump and the glucose sensor so it can work for all different individuals, of
>>all different body types and metabolisms....being a first yr med student, and
>>both parents physicians, i hear first hand, about the medical research and
>>breakthroughs coming out for diabetes

Sorry Admin team, but I must respond to this.  And please remember this is 
just my own opinion based on 40 years dealing with doctors due to diabetes 
and various other ailments.  In addition I truly believe I would be dead by 
the hands of doctor today from my accident last October.  I have many facts 
to substantiate this.  Thank goodness I am a smart, tenacious person who is 
always aware of what is going on around here.  For if I hadn't I wouldn't 
be writing this cause my ashes would be in our front yard.

We patients CANNOT put our full trust in doctors.  Especially these days, 
we have to keep on top of things.  Just because someone has an MD after 
their name doesn't mean they know everything and are perfect.  Doctors poo 
and pee the same way the rest of us do.  In addition they are human too and 
they do NOT know everything, nor are they expected too.  Although they do 
take on Oath which in my opinion has gone obsolete due to high cost of care 
thanks to our lovely medical insurance, which is a whole other topic so I 
shall Shuddup now.

I just found out recently that two people died at the hands of this doctor 
where I was recently being treated.  The families are suing and will win 
the case.  The doctor that caused these deaths is a resident and who only 
have to do his third year over.  This same doctor came into my room after 
surgery one day and was about to take my dressings down without gloves, 
mask, or any other protection.  Mind you I already was fighting for my dear 
life for staph infections.  So thank goodness I spoke up and told him to 
get the hell away from me until he had proper attire on to take my 
dressings down.  Anyway, just trying to show proof of why I have the 
opinion I do.  I will not share the rest of my proof.

I have also been diabetic since 1963.  My parents were told there would be 
a cure in 10 years.  Hmmm, that would be 1973.  I was on one of the 
original pumps 20 plus years ago.  So please try to honor and respect we 
old timers who don't have a lot of faith in a cure or closed loop in our 
life times.  Diabetes is big business and someone is profiting.  But who 
knows maybe I'll be eating my own words, and I would be thrilled.  :-)

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