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Re: [IP] new pump!

On 16 Aug 2002 at 19:36, James Parsons wrote:

> >  I'd be nervous buying ANY pump, but I woulnd't hesitate for more than 5
> minutes.   ANY pump is better than NONE.
> >
> > George     :>)
> >
> True, George, but whenever the question of a new product comes up, I recall
> advice from Consumer Reports. It was about cars, but I think it makes sense
> about any mechanical product. CR said as a rule of thumb it was not a good idea
> to buy a brand-new design in its first year, because even with extensive
> testing, the bugs may not be evident until the public actually used the product
> on  a daily basis. In other words, we risk being guinea pigs. In the case of
> pumps, that would apply not only to the Cozmo but the Paradigm as well--but time
> will tell!
> JP

The car analogy is good, James.  Sometimes you can buy a lemon, no matter when it was designed.  And then there are the "recalls"!   :>(     A couple of years ago I was 
part of a study group that was designing the menu system for this pump.  They seem to have really taken their time in putting this together, which doesn't mean that the 
first pump won't have its problems, but to me it indicates that they are a company that will stand behind its product and work out any problems that are discovered.  What I 
can't understand is a company that wants you to buy its product without even "test driving" it.     :>\

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