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Re: [IP] compare and contrast

> Michael wrote
> > However, the carb count of a yougurt is pretty low. A cup of 
> > soda from the fast food place can easily contain 30 - 50 grams .
> > and that is on top of the meal.
> wait a minute...you have to compare in like amounts.  You can not
> simply say "8 ounces of yogurt carb is "lower" than 20-30 ounces of
> soda carb" and be done with it.  SURE 16 carbs is less than
> 30....but if you were to compare LIKE AMOUNTS, for example TWO
> yogurts with a 20 ounce soda, then you would be looking at virtually
> identical carb counts.  and for my money, identical insulin

heh... heh... but most people don't eat two yogurts and most people 
DO drink a 16 oz or larger soda. I'm comparing TYPICAL serving to 
serving, not STANDARD serving sizes.

I don't disagree with you, it's really a social commentary on 
people's bad habits (mine included).


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