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[IP] happy?

wayne asked:
>So are you happy now sara?P.S. Didn't you hate it when they 
> stopped calling us juvenile?

thank you for hte technical jargon.....like I said, mine was in simplistic 

as for not calling us juvies...s
peak fer yer own damn self...hehe hehehe 

But happy, DAMN STRAIGHT!  I was going through boxes of old stuff I have 
accummulated over the years...i used to clip those articles about research 
adn impending cures...maybe later i will share some of those - one is dated 
1980...they are talking about how implantable pumps will cure diabetes before 
the end of the century...they also talk about how transplants could be much 
more common...LOL..the more things change, the more they stay the same...they 
have discovered NOTHING new since 1980....and I agree with wayne about the 
"never" part of the closed loop....it may be finalized adn marketed adn sold 
with great success, but i bet control will be NO better than on a pump..

Lastly, in that pile of papers, I found an A1c from my first year in 
college...hell i did not even know what an A1c was back then......16.9!!!  7 
years later, when i went on the pump, I was at a 13, so getting out of 
college had improved my control, but whoo hooo no wonder i had me some eye 

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