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[IP] compare and contrast

Michael wrote

> However, the carb count of a yougurt is pretty low. A cup of 
> soda from the fast food place can easily contain 30 - 50 grams .
> and that is on top of the meal.

wait a minute...you have to compare in like amounts.  You can not simply say 
"8 ounces of yogurt carb is "lower" than 20-30 ounces of soda carb" and be 
done with it.  SURE 16 carbs is less than 30....but if you were to compare 
LIKE AMOUNTS, for example TWO yogurts with a 20 ounce soda, then you would be 
looking at virtually identical carb counts.  and for my money, identical 
insulin requirements.  

I am not saying they are equal in nutritional value or in how quickly they 
will cause your bg to rise, or anything else, but they are pretty darn close 
CARB-wise...which bring us back to the original point...

a carb is a carb is a carb

Also, I would like to point out for those gentle folk who abstain from 
nutrasweet for whatever reason and eat "regular" yogurt - there are MORE 
carbs in those yogurts, perhaps as many as in a 20 ounce soda?....put THAT in 
your blender and make a smoothie!! heh heh

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