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Re: [IP] too much insulin?

At the risk of getting flamed, Roselea, and while i'm putting my 
annual 2 cents in the kitty, I have to disagree with your conclusion 
that your body knows where it wants to be, at least with regard to 
weight.  There is no subconscious weight sensor anywhere in any 
mammals.  The only known weight sensor is the brain.  And the formula 
is simple.  If one is gaining weight, one is eating more than the 
body needs.  Done.  Finished.  So if anyone wants to lose weight, the 
method that will work every time, again every time, is to decrease 
the intake of food.
    So I can hear you asking why doesn't it work for me?  Well the 
problem that many people have is that they like to eat too much. 
It's the way we were all brought up.  But with age for sure, and many 
other conditions, the body's energy needs decrease.  Sometimes a 
whole lot.  I know myself I eat less than half of what I did when I 
was 30, and I haven't lost any weight.  So I could likely eat even 
less, but i like my beer and nuts and bagels and pizza,,,,,,,   So 
I'm just happy to be stable for now.
   Furthermore, eating causes all sort of enzymes to be released that 
seem to have bad effects the older one gets.   It is now well 
documented that restricting calories can extend the life span of 
animals from mice to monkeys anywhere from 50 to 100%!!!!  That's a 
lot of extra living time.  But maybe it's not worth it if you think 
yourself starving.
   Bottom line is that if you really really want to lose weight, just 
eat less.  You will lose weight.   Not just for a short vacation, but 
as a way of life.
   You can change it---you just don't seem to want to enough.  And if 
you're cool about it, as your "I yam what I yam says,"  what do I 

<<<<<<<And, then there are folks like me who can't loose weight no matter what
they eat or don't eat.  Or, how active they are.  *sigh*  When we were on
vacation, we were so active, that I was using less than 20 units total per
day but still eating normally (which is not overeating by a long
shot).  Still had good bgs, ran a little on the lower side while I adjusted
basals and boluses down, and I thought that might be good for a couple
pounds.  Not so... came home weighing the same as before we went.  Seems I
get to a weight amount and no matter what I do, I can't change it.  It
appears that's where MY body wants to be.  So, I've given up the weight
loss struggle.  I am what I am and that's how it is.
RoseLea  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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