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Re: [IP] normal pancreas

You could have just asked me sara, but I guess that would have been 
too normal.  So many questions, so little time.
   But you were pretty close on this one.  The beta cells sense the 
level of glucose and release insulin above a certain threshold, that 
varies a bit among individuals. YMMV for them guys too. It's that 
simple.  The big difference between them and us however, is that when 
their BG rises above that level, insulin is released within seconds. 
Also since the blood flow to the pancreas first goes to the liver, 
over 50% of the insulin release from normal beta cells never reaches 
the rest  of the body--it is immediately taken up by the liver.  When 
we good guys need insulin, we use our brains instead of beta cells, 
which isn't too bad for most of us, except it takes HOURS for even H 
to get all into the blood.  Hundreds of times slower than normals. 
This is the major problem that makes it so hard to control BG.  Also 
the reason they will never be able to "close the loop" with 
subcutaneous insulin delivery.  never.   IP delivery may work for 
that, but that is much less convenient, and more subject to infection.
      Jayne, a normal person's pancreas would produce a basal rate 
that is just the same as they would need with a pump.  Not having 
beta cells doesn't change the body's insulin needs.  And when they 
sucked a 20 oz coke, they would need the same 5 or 6 U just like you. 
But they would get the insulin a few hundred times quicker than you. 
So your BG would spike no matter when you bolused for it.
    And I don't know who said that in the old days they were peeing 
out insulin, but insulin doesn't get peed out.  Not now and not in 
the good old days either.
   So are you happy now sara?
P.S. Didn't you hate it when they stopped calling us juvenile?

<<<<<<i think it is not so much that the pancreas "knows" an exact 
amount to put
out...our bodies simply did not evolve with the ability to KNOW how to adjust
for a banana split.  In relatively simplistic terms, and I am SURE wayne will
correct me, as the blood sugar RISES a message is sent to the pancreas to
dump in insulin

<<<<<<Thanks Jayne!--those were pretty much my questions too when I 
posted originally.
My other question is--and this is another totally "just wondering" kind of
thing!--how does a "regular" person's body know how much insulin to produce at
all times to keep them in normal range? I mean, how does a regular 
pancreas know
that you have just started to eat a mammoth banana split and it better start
cranking out the insulin? Does a healthy pancreas have something like a natural
blood sugar meter built in that is just *constantly* measuring your blood sugar
level and putting out tiny bits of insulin if blood sugar creeps up toward
120??? If so, I know that having a normal pancreas is "normal", but it still
seems pretty amazing to me!

>  A related question, for me, is: how much insulin would my body be 
>producing if
it were healthy (ie, no type I and no insulin resistance) and I were eating a
healthy diet (whatever that is)?  I suppose, that would be the number I'd shoot
for if I knew what it was.
>  Jayne.
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