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Re: [IP] Used strips in school (Re:back to school issues)

> >I know I'm way behind on this thread.
> I'm disturbed by the issue of used strips as a bio-hazard.
> I once had a friend ask, after watching me throw a strip into an
> Arby's trash can, "Isn't that a biohardous waste?"

I got off the phone with OSHA just a few minutes ago. Strips are NOT 
considered a bio-hazard. The reference is:

TATIONS&p_id=20683&p_t ext_version=FALSE

check the section on "bandages" about a third of the way down the 

I will be writing to OSHA and requesting a formal letter of 
clarification on "test strips" so that this issue can be put to bed 
once and for all. While I was assured that test strips are not 
considered a bio-hazard subject to regulation, having it stated 
plainly will be nice. I expect it will take a while however.

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