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Re: [IP] Re: A Carb is a Carb is a Carb AND Re: Pregnancy

> Hello all,
> I have two questions about the "a carb is a carb is a carb"
> discussion. Basically I know that is true (except for the fat and
> fiber issues), but my question is: if so, is it hypothetically just
> as good for us to have regular soft drinks and bolus for them as to
> have sugar free soft drinks? 

Theoretically you should be able to do this. In reality, the higher 
the carb load, the more room for error and for mismatch between the 
insulin absorbtion curve and the carb to glucose sugar conversion 
time. You will generally always have better control if you can 
minimize the "overload" of carbs that are unnecessary like those in 
sodas. i.e. if you consume twice as much carb, you have twice the 
error budget to deal with.

> If so, is the reason that we use diet
> drinks just so that we don't go through vials of insulin too
> quickly? Since I started carb counting, I have been eating regular
> or low-fat yougurt instead of the kind made with NutraSweet and done
> just as well.

Good point. However, the carb count of a yougurt is pretty low. A cup 
of soda from the fast food place can easily contain 30 - 50 grams 
.... and that is on top of the meal.

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