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Re: [IP] new pump!

Rachel, I'm in the market for a new pump as well, as mine is 4 1/2 
years old and out of warrantee.  I went to the AADE meeting in 
Philadelphia last week to look at all the pumps.  I was eager to see 
the Deltec, but after playing with it a while,I wasn't all that 
impressed.  I think the pump is good and the company quite reliable, 
but the pump didn't really wow me.  No major defects, but for 
example, the screen viewing angle is pretty narrow, it is slightly 
thinker than the MM 508, and it takes forever to prime with a newly 
filled cartridge.  Batteries are AAA but only last 4 weeks.  Like I 
said nothing one couldn't live with, but it didn't seem that much 
better than the MM or the Dana (which is the smallest and lightest 
pump available.)  They won't be delivering the Deltecs till end of 
Nov and even then only in selected markets.  The Deltec cartridge has 
a luer fitting that will fit all catheters (except the Paradigm 
ones).  I visited the Animas booth, which was the most crowded 
because they were giving away stuffed monkeys, but thought it was too 
big.  good luck with your decision.   Call Deltec and ask for a sales 
rep to give you a demo.  Or ask them for their a copy of their pump's 
user operation manual.

<<<<<<OK, I have a question that involves pure speculation, but here 
goes... Since I
am still waiting for my insurance to get settled so that I can order a pump (I
had decided to go with Animas), I can still change my mind and order whichever
one I want. This new pump seems really cool and helpful in a lot of ways, but
would any of you be nervous about ordering a pump that is brand-new to the
market, from a company that has never made an insulin pump before, even though
they make lots of other devices??? It seems like a lot of what people 
like about
their particular pumps is how easy the companies are to deal with for supplies
and stuff, and in this case I would have no way of knowing!
Any advice???  Thanks,Rachel>>>>>>>>
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