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[IP] Infusion site and exercise


       I teach aerobics 4 times a week so I have much experience with
       exercise and the the infusion site. Everything is YMMv of
       If I wear it in my upper abs, forget it it will come loose.
       In the leg, I've ripped it out while lifting.
       In the lower abs it stays just fine even during Mon and Wed
       three classes back to back work out.

       Good luck


       "Hello to the group!
       Started with my new Disetronic H-Tron+ yesterday evening!

       I am trying to hit the gym three times a week to work off some
       weight and improve cardiovascular health.  Typical workout
       involves twenty minutes of lifting weights, including abdominal
       crunches, and then a thirty minute bicycle ride.

       My first infusion site is in my side about six inches above
       belt line.  I am wondering what experiences anyone has had with
       the infusion set pulling loose during exercise (I am using the
       UltraFlex Soft set), or if this is something I should be
       concerned with...

       Mark Fielden     kg4kwe"
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