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[IP] normal pancreas

i think it is not so much that the pancreas "knows" an exact amount to put 
out...our bodies simply did not evolve with the ability to KNOW how to adjust 
for a banana split.  In relatively simplistic terms, and I am SURE wayne will 
correct me, as the blood sugar RISES a message is sent to the pancreas to 
dump in insulin....as the blood sugar drops, a message is sent to the 
pancreas to STOP, and one to the liver to tell it to dump in 
glycagen.....blood sugar rises, message to pancreas,....bg drops...message to 
liver...and so on an so on and so on.  

For US, the pancreas message may get sent...but the lights are on and no one 
is home. so to speak, at our pancreas....so we put it in ourselves....if we 
put in too much and our bg drops too much (more than 40-50 points per hour), 
the liver message STILL gets sent and still gets received and our livers dump 
in glycagen in an attempt to stave off the crashing bg....Neither the liver 
nor the brain know you are trying to go from 350 to 120...it just sees 
"excessive" drop and tries to do what it is biologically set up to do...

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