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[IP] missed you too wayne

wayne wrote:
> Ok Sara I know it's been a while since I've had to correct your physiology

pffffftttttt I don't remember writing "PUT IT IN THE MUSCLE"  I usually say 
slide it right under the skin.....FOR ME, that IS muscle, as I have very 
little fat on the front of my thighs...the average person may have more, but 
whatever the case, if I said "muscle" I didn't MEAN it.....

and besides I am not "instructing" noviciates.  I don't accept any a y'all's 
insurance plans and my private "nursing" costs are way more than anyone could 

> Bungie jumping from strung together catheter tubing?

hey now that is not a bad idea......

> he mental picture of you rushing to the wc, tripping over your 
> pants hung at your ankles with catheter tubing hanging about 

i am sure I joing the rest of the list in thanking you for that.....mental 
picture indeed...get your mind outta the gutter...heh hehe

> MM wants to use in in their next advertising brochure showing the 
> variety of people pumping insulin can benefit    ;-)

... if I can make it to the wc in time...


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