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Re: [IP] too much insulin/dialysis


My father was on dialysis for five years.  He was a Type 2 diabetic.  He
took Diabanese (sp?) for control of his blood sugars.  His kidney disease
not related to his diabetes.  He had a heart condition with high blood
and a history of auto- immune kidney disease is prominent in his family.
Anyway, my point is that once he started dialysis, he no longer had to take
medicine to control his blood sugar.  He was told that the excess sugar was
filtered out with all the other stuff (good and bad).  Go figure!


jhughey wrote:

> The reason I'm using less insulin now than I did the previous 16-18 years
> pumping is due to the kidney disease - the excess insulin does not get
> out, staying in and still circulating. Now that I'm on dialysis, I'm
> watching to see if I will start needing to increase. YMMV (~_^)

Big diff. in Type 1 and Type 2 - doesn't sound *true* for the sugar to be
filtered out, but I guess that could be for a T-2. Perhaps his insulin
resistance diminished also, causing his cells to use it better. However,
being Type 1, my pancreas still does not function and the kidneys do not
flush the toxins out - dialysis is doing that for me instead, now.

I still don't like it - AT ALL!!! I'd rather pee. ;)

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