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Re: [IP] too much insulin?

janhuey wrote:

>The reason I'm using less insulin now than I did the previous 16-18 years 
>of pumping is due to the kidney disease - the excess insulin does not get 
>peed out, staying in and still circulating. Now that I'm on dialysis, I'm 
>watching to see if I will start needing to increase. YMMV (~_^)

So far for me, all the kidney tests have come out "normal".  So that's not 
the issue here for me.  I never knew that excess insulin gets peed out, if 
so, then why do we have lows?  Why don't we just pee the excess out?  I 
keep telling myself that perhaps I'm finally getting some muscle in my old 
age and it's causing my metabolism to speed up... hehe

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