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Re: [IP] new pump!

On 16 Aug 2002 at 10:17, email @ redacted wrote:

> Hello again,
> OK, I have a question that involves pure speculation, but here goes... Since I
> am still waiting for my insurance to get settled so that I can order a pump (I
> had decided to go with Animas), I can still change my mind and order whichever
> one I want. This new pump seems really cool and helpful in a lot of ways, but
> would any of you be nervous about ordering a pump that is brand-new to the
> market, from a company that has never made an insulin pump before, even though
> they make lots of other devices??? It seems like a lot of what people like about
> their particular pumps is how easy the companies are to deal with for supplies
> and stuff, and in this case I would have no way of knowing!
> Any advice???
> Thanks,
> Rachel
> dx 6/93, would really like to be pumping already!!

Ask someone at a hospital.   Deltec (Smith Industries Medical Systems) has been making infusion pumps for over twenty years.  They reported over $4 billion in sales and 
holdings so they are not a "fly by night" company, offices located worldwide.  AFAIK they would have been in the insulin infusion business years ago but weren't allowed to 
because of agreements made when they purchased manufacturing rights from Lilly for the CPI pump.

But the people at the hospital might give you some idea of how they are to deal with.  In particular the purchasing department.  But then, this will be a whole new team that 
handles the Cozmo.   I'd be nervous buying ANY pump, but I woulnd't hesitate for more than 5 minutes.   ANY pump is better than NONE.

George     :>)
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