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Re: [IP] too much insulin?

Sara SSPAZ wrote:

>So whether you need 28 units a day or 280 units a day to maintain your 
>blood sugars, it does NOT matter....Where it DOES Matter is if you are 
>EATING more than your body needs, for example if you are trying to lose 
>weight...remember the old days when you could eat and eat and pee'd off 
>pounds and pounds? well the insulin prevents that and HELPS the body store 
>it away for a future ketosis starvation period...

And, then there are folks like me who can't loose weight no matter what 
they eat or don't eat.  Or, how active they are.  *sigh*  When we were on 
vacation, we were so active, that I was using less than 20 units total per 
day but still eating normally (which is not overeating by a long 
shot).  Still had good bgs, ran a little on the lower side while I adjusted 
basals and boluses down, and I thought that might be good for a couple 
pounds.  Not so... came home weighing the same as before we went.  Seems I 
get to a weight amount and no matter what I do, I can't change it.  It 
appears that's where MY body wants to be.  So, I've given up the weight 
loss struggle.  I am what I am and that's how it is.

I've also found an interesting thing for me.  It seems the older I get, the 
more insulin sensitive I get, not the other way around.  I'm using less 
insulin now than I've ever used in my 39 years of diabetes.  Even in the 
last two years of pumping, I'm adjusting down to using less.  Perhaps my 
body's just using the insulin more efficiently since the delivery system is 
more efficient?  Go figure.

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