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[IP] Regular Rapids Discontinued

I called Disetronic yesterday - too many problems with the Rapid Disconnects 
- and I suspect it may be the tubing since so many others here have tracked 
it to that (I haven't gotten that far -- I just 'noticed' {with a 333 BG) 
that the insulin wasn't coming through and just changed out everything).  I 
wanted some more regular rapids but hey, they're not going to make them 
anymore!  Thudding heart here!
I was hot for the Disconnects as I'm in the pool a lot - but am using my 
leftofter Rapid Regulars because I'm sick of the highs - and not even a hot 
fudge sundae to compensate for it (lol).  Dise is sending me another box of 
Disconnects as I've been going through so many.  And to think I didn't 
suspect the tubing.  I wanted more Regular Rapids but they're no longer 
manufacturing them -- I do know there are some out there -- but we need to 
keep calling Disetronics so they get this problem resolved.


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