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Re: [IP] leg sites

Ok Sara I know it's been a while since I've had to correct your 
physiology, but you do have to be careful in instructing the 
noviciates.   Besides being very much a YMMV thing, no one should put 
a catheter into muscle, even if they could stand the pain.  I know 
how tough you are, but muscle pokes are a bit extreme.  What's next? 
Bungie jumping from strung together catheter tubing?  The key thing 
is the local blood flow, and this can vary a lot depending on the 
tissue.  Area that perspire (sweat for you) a lot usually have more 
blood vessels and can have increased absorption, especially when the 
tissue gets warm.  For me  the abdomen is by far the fastest 
absorption, and I don't have much fat anywhere.   Everyone needs to 
determine this for themselves. It's easy to do.  The only thing 
that's pretty sure, is that insulin absorption from the center of a 
big lump of lard will be slower than just about from anywhere else.
	Oh and BTW, the mental picture of you rushing to the wc, 
tripping over your pants hung at your ankles with catheter tubing 
hanging about your crotch, is one that John Waters might want to 
include in his next Broadway play.  Or maybe MM wants to use in in 
their next advertising brochure showing the variety of people pumping 
insulin can benefit    ;-)

<<<<<<From: email @ redacted
Someone asked about results in leg sites....
    i think many people would agree that they find quicker absorption of the
insulin when they use a leg site rather than a more fat padded area,
such as the buttocks or abdomen.  It is a fact that insulin is transported more
quickly in muscle than in fat, perhaps because of the more efficient
bloodflow?  I don't tknow the exact physiology but even in the dark ages of
the 70s when I was diagnosed, my doctor told me not to inject into my legs
on the days i was going skiing.
       I love leg sites, personally, because of the predictably quick
absorbtion.  My problem is I will invariably forget it is THERE and 
rip the suckerout as I shuck my trousers running to the bathroom 
having waited too long to stroll to the wc in a more relaxed 
      Another problem i have with my legs is that I have very little fat on my
legs - - yes that is a problem, smart ass....the silhouettes leave a large
bump  under the skin - not a "pump bump where the canula went in, but more a
raised lump about an inch or so in diameter.  It is usually "visible" for about
a week, but I can feel the lump under the skin for up to a month...
   Leg sites are especially handy when you are having laparotomeys (sp) and
other stomach surgeries...
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