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Re: [IP] too much insulin?

Sara wrote:
>NOW, there are some studies that have linked higher insulin use with higher
>incidence of heart disease (I THINK - someone probably has more accurate
>info). but from what I understand, the people who were taking all that 
>insulin were NOT well controlled diabetics.

I guess I was thinking of these kinds of findings, although I didn't know 
that any of them were re diabetic subjects who were injecting insulin.  I 
was thinking more about the "syndrome x" stuff, ie, people who are not 
necessarily diabetic but they are insulin resistant and their insulin 
secretion is higher than normal.  I feel like I may have some of the 
syndrome x symptons even though my body makes no insulin at all - though I'm 
not making any, I'm injecting (pumping) based on whatever it takes to get my 
blood sugar normal (probably why people with syndrome x make more insulin 
than "normal" people).

I used to have an insulin to carb ratio of 1:3 and I talked to several 
different GPs and endos about it and none of them would admit to me that 
they thought that was a pretty steep ratio.  They all gave me that line 
about there not being some magical number, everybody's different, yada yada. 
  But I thought it was a real problem, something that could be and should be 
changed, and potentially something that was a sign that there was something 
wrong.  Then, low and behold, I find out that I have celiacs disease, I quit 
eating gluten and my ratio is suddenly 1:8.  Now I wonder if doing nearly 
three times as much insulin as I would have needed had the celiacs been 
treated was bad for me AND whether I should now be working to keep my 
insulin use to a minimum (not to make up for the years of 1:3 but just 
because it might do me good).  I am sure that I could decrease my insulin 
use by increasing exercise (and thereby decreasing the insulin to carb 
ratio) and by decreasing my carb consumption.  The question is <should I?>.  
I won't really know the answer to that question unless I have some sense of 
how much insulin is a good healthy level for my body.  That question may not 
be answerable, but I was just wondering if anyone out there had any ideas...


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