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[IP] too much insulin?

jayne asked:
> worthwhile to try to do the least amount of insulin possible?  Obviously
> whatever danger injected insulin poses, it is not as dangerous as high 
> blood sugars, so I'm not suggesting skimping on insulin

exactly....and EVERYONE needs a different amount...the "AVERAGE" is 15 grams 
of carb to 1 unit of insulin to lower 50 points, but that is AVERAGE...raise 
your hand if you are average - and it doesn't count if you are just LAZY cuz 
doing the math for 15 is easier than the math for 17 - trust me on that 

So whether you need 28 units a day or 280 units a day to maintain your blood 
sugars, it does NOT matter....Where it DOES Matter is if you are EATING more 
than your body needs, for example if you are trying to lose weight...remember 
the old days when you could eat and eat and pee'd off pounds and pounds?  
well the insulin prevents that and HELPS the body store it away for a future 
ketosis starvation period...

NOW, there are some studies that have linked higher insulin use with higher 
incidence of heart disease (I THINK - someone probably has more accurate 
info). but from what I understand, the people who were taking all that excess 
insulin were NOT well controlled diabetics.  If you are taking 100 units a 
day, and eating a healthy reasoably caloried diet adn getting regular 
exercise, i don't think you will have increased incidence of heart disease 
just CUZ you take more insulin than some slug who eats fritos and watches 
jerry springer all day and has a carb ratio of 1 unit to 30 grams of carb, so 
gets by on 40 units per day...

but i dont cant point you to the exact studies so i guess i am just running 
my mouth AS USUAL...

now, as to the second part of your question
>how much insulin would my body be producing if it were healthy

as much as you need to keep your body in stasis...between 90 and 120 or 
whatever.  If you were to drop LOWER than that, your liver would dump in the 
glycagen and other hormones to bring you up...If you were totally stressed 
and were running on adrenaline, but not eating, your body would automatically 
dump in the insulin to keep your blood sugar from soaring...it is a constant 
checks and balance system, something that the closed loop system is trying to 
replicate, but I have little faith that it will be much more than another 
bandaid attempt to cover up diabetes...

I guess if you wanted to know what your number to shoot for was, I would 
basal test and find out what basal insulin you need, then have a nutritionist 
determine your exact caloric needs...then break down the carbs and do the 
math...that should tell you right there, unless you wanna go for the AVERAGE 

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