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[IP] Another word about pump vacations

I guess I am writing this to reassure anyone who may need to go on a pump
vacation for any reason.  I am currently on a pump vacation and am looking
forward to going back on the pump next week (August 23).

I had been having months of erratic blood sugars.  I think I tried every
infusion set I could get my hands on.  I tried different sites, bruising and
bleeding at many or just having tons of unexplained highs.  Nothing seemed
to work well for me.  My endo was stymied.  During an office visit, he
suggested that I go on a pump vacation.  I had no desire to do that, but I
agreed to do it and, I have to say, I soon felt a large measure of relief.

First of all, he put me on Lantus, which, for me, is soooo much better than
Lente or NPH.  No peaks so you're not tied to an eating schedule.

Syringes are much tinier than they were 7 years ago so injecting is a bit

I then changed from Humalog to Novolog (thank you, IP list) and, wow, what a
difference that has made.  I have far better control than I had been having
with Humalog over the past several months.

I was still bruising and bleeding a lot with all those shots.  Then I
stopped taking my aspirin-a-day and the b&b has significantly subsided.

With these things ironed out, I am ever so ready to resume pumping.  I am
tired of 5 or 6 shots a day; I'm tired of not being able to give myself
exactly .8 units or 5.7 units when I need it; I'm tired of having to decide
whether or not I feel comfortable injecting in front of people in certain
situations (remember that thread a while back?)  I can't wait to go to the
next cocktail party where I can graze to my heart's content; I can't wait to
modify my basals so they truly work for me around the clock; I can't wait to
suddenly decide to have another helping of oven-roasted potatoes.

Taking a pump vacation was the right thing for me to do.  I hope I don't
have to take another one for a long, long time, but if I do, I'll take
advantage of the respite and wear a dress which has no place to hang a pump
on (the only thing that is truly good about being off the pump).  If you
never have to take a pump vacation, that is truly wonderful.  Yet, if you
find that a pump vacation is where you have to go to get yourself regulated,
it can be ever so beneficial.  And it sure makes you, once again, so
grateful for pump technology.

'Nough said.  Good night!
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