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[IP] Re: diabetes and adoption

My husband I just finished five months of paperwork for our adoption from
China..   the DM, type 1 for 15 years and on a pump for 5 was not a
problem..  China likes to see letters from Dr.s.   The adoption agency was
very helpful and told us what had to be in the letter from the dr.  Of
course everthing had to be notarized, county notarized, state certified and
then authenticated by the chinese consulate.  What a process!   The INS took
too long in getting our forms filed and now we will most likely have to wait
another 6 months to get to china.  This means we will not be in China until
January 2004.  Very depressing, were hoping to be there sooner.   ADVICE:
do the paperwork as quickly as humanly possible....check with agency what
there "quota" of children they can get and when they fill their quota for
the year.......save lots of money.......be patient.  Our daughter will be
nine months when we get her.  We have requested that she be healthy.  The
parents health and names are never known, nor will we know when she was
born.  Jail time is served is someone is caught abandoning a child in China.
If you have any questions.....feel free to email me.
email @ redacted
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