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[IP] Re: Pump in "middle" of bra

> Okay, weird question but I've been reading posts about wearing the pump
> in your bra.  I've tried this and I'm pretty small, so it makes me
> lopsided-I look bigger on one side.  Now my dietician who was talking
> about how some of her patients wear the pump was telling me about a woman
> who said she'd have to stuff the other side of her bra.  I don't want
> to do that, so I was wondering how you women manage this or if you even
> have this problem.  ???  Thanks! Angela:)
Angela, I wear a lightly padded bra AND the ol' pump clips right in the
middle. The reason it doesn't look like a rectangle sitting right where it
shouldn't be is the clothes. Buttons or patterns in the bust area help to
serve as a little camouflage and, if it's a blouse and it's tucked in,
"blousing" it a little at your waist means that it's not pulled down
straight and tight against your body so that the "rectangle" shows.  With a
T-shirt or top that you don't plan to tuck in, again, choosing something
with a pattern right where the pump "is" can work well.  Good luck!

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