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Re: [IP] Re: A Carb is a Carb is a Carb

This soda question (ie, why not just drink regular sodas and bolus for 
them?) reminds me of another question that I've been wondering about:  Is it 
worthwhile to try to do the least amount of insulin possible?  Obviously, 
whatever danger injected insulin poses, it is not as dangerous as high blood 
sugars, so I'm not suggesting skimping on insulin.  But, when I think about 
whether to have a real coke rather than diet, I think, that's four units of 
insulin that could be easily avoided.  As a one time thing, that'd be no big 
deal, but if I had, say, two cokes a day, that'd add up to a lot of extra 

A related question, for me, is: how much insulin would my body be producing 
if it were healthy (ie, no type I and no insulin resistance) and I were 
eating a healthy diet (whatever that is)?  I suppose, that would be the 
number I'd shoot for if I knew what it was.


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