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Re: [IP] Used strips in school (Re:back to school issues)

>I know I'm way behind on this thread.

I'm disturbed by the issue of used strips as a bio-hazard.

I once had a friend ask, after watching me throw a strip into an Arby's 
trash can, "Isn't that a biohardous waste?"

I replied by asking him about what he does with his old bandaids, which 
probably have more blood on them.

If a child cannot dispose of his or her strips in a waste can, what's next. 
When a kid's band-aid falls off in school, do they call in the Haz-Mat 
unit? Are girls on their periods not allowed in school?

While blood-borne pathogens are a serious issue, why is 0.3-10 microliters 
of blood such an issue? Somehow, because a diabetic child is less common, 
it is. Somehow, though, other more mundane matters of blood in school are 
taken for granted, though they produce well more blood than a child testing 
his or her BG.



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