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Re: [IP] more carb = carb

>Linda wrote: > SSPAZ also said, yes, you can bolus for extra carbs, is 
>easy! > It is also easy to elevate triglycerides, gain weight from them > 

>  Well yes of course, weight gain is not desireable for most people, but 
> that wasn't the original question or the issue. The question dealt 
> "specifically" with bolusing for the carbs in a regular soda or a regular 
> yogurt, as opposed to those with nutrasweet/ artificial sweetners. As for 
> raising triglycerides, I have no idea....was not aware that pure 
> carbohydrate could increase your lipids, but thank you for the info - NOT 
> that it pertains to me, as I do not drink regular soda or eat regular 
> yogurt :-) Sara

I think we're getting into some YMMV things here.  While I usually drink 
diet soda (I'm with Sara, if I'm gonna consume carbs I want to make them 
"yummy for me" carbs), I eat regular yogurt and ice cream and just bolus 
accordingly.  This does not create large spikes for me and my triglycerides 
are not elevated.  So, I think we need to add a YMMV here.

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