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[IP] i did not say this

Subject: From: email @ redacted

jan hughey writes:

> In a message dated 8/15/02 8:41:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
email @ redacted> writes:>> Regular soft drinks spike the sugar as they are
very glycemic.  Even though> they can theorectically be covered with
it will take a lot of> insulin to do so because the higher the spike,

Just for the record, I did NOT say that....Marion said that in response to
previous post.

Everyone, please make sure you are crediting the proper person when you cite
something someone said...It makes a difference.


AGREED - cuz I did NOT say what was just attributed me too, either!!! I have
NO idea how my name got attached to the above. :-(((

What I wrote and directly copied from SSPAZ's post was: Sara Smarty Pants -
AZ wrote, in part:
>>>some people can not tolerate nutrasweet so it is probably better for them
to eat the regular kind anyway and bolus for all the carbs>>>

Jan (~_^)
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