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[IP] Re: A Carb is a Carb is a Carb

> but my
> question is: if so, is it hypothetically just as good for us to have regular
> soft drinks and bolus for them as to have sugar free soft drinks? If so, is the
> reason that we use diet drinks just so that we don't go through vials of insulin
> too quickly?

Well.....honestly, I can't say I think it's "just as good" for us (or
anyone, for that matter) to have regular soft drinks as diet.  For me,
if I had a regular soft drink, even if I bolused for it, I'd probably
get at least a moderate bg spike.  Sure, it would come down due to the
bolus, but I'd rather not get one in the first place!   When I drink a
diet soda, I don't have to count carbs or bolus and my bg isn't affected
at all.  For me, that's MUCH preferable!

Also, as other have mentioned, there's the issue of calories.  It's easy
to consume a LOT of calories drinking regular soda!  For me, if I'm
going to be consuming that many calories, I at least want to get to EAT
something!  :-)  I've actually always been a diet soda drinker, even
before my diabetes diagnosis.  Regular soda always just seemed to be
such a waste of calories.

Anyway, just my take on it!

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