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[IP] more carb = carb

Linda wrote:
> SSPAZ also said, yes, you can bolus for extra carbs, is easy!
> It is also easy to elevate triglycerides, gain weight from them 
> too--notdesirable.

Well yes of course, weight gain is not desireable for most people, but that 
wasn't the original question or the issue.  The question dealt "specifically" 
with bolusing for the carbs in a regular soda or a regular yogurt, as opposed 
to those with nutrasweet/ artificial sweetners.  As for raising 
triglycerides, I have no idea....was not aware that pure carbohydrate could 
increase your lipids, but thank you for the info - NOT that it pertains to 
me, as I do not drink regular soda or eat regular yogurt  :-)

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