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Re: [IP] more carb = carb

> In a message dated 8/15/02 8:41:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted
> writes:
> Regular soft drinks spike the sugar as they are very glycemic.  Even though
> they can theorectically be covered with insulin, it will take a lot of
> insulin to do so because the higher the spike, the more resistant the body
> becomes to the injected (or pumped) insulin.  The more insulin needed, the
> more chance of overdosing and hypo.

Actually, I get a MUCH different affect trying to bolus for regular soda.
When I bolus for soda, I spike AND crash. I find that if I *want* to have
a regular soda, it's far better to do so with a meal.

As far as nutrisweet and diet soda...I tend to stay away from chemicals
that do no good. I'd rather drink iced-tea or water even! (besides
nutrisweet taste AWFUL)

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