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[IP] more carb = carb

Rachel asked:
> Basically I know that is true (except for the fat and fiber issues)

well, of course, but FAT isn't a carb, tee hee....and as everyone 
knows...fiber is its own animal to deal with....

> question is: if so, is it hypothetically just as good for us to have 
> regular soft drinks and bolus for them as to have sugar free soft drinks? 
> If so, is the reason that we use diet drinks just so that we don't go 
> through vials of insulin

Well I wouldnt say drinking regular soft drinks is GOOD for anyone...not only 
the potential sugar buzz but the caffeine one too, but YES....theoretically 
(sp), if you CHOSE to bolus for the carbs in a regular soft drink, you COULD. 
I would prefer to drink diet though and not have to bolus at all!

My reasoning for sticking with diet sodas is A), I LIKE the taste!!  i can 
not abide teh stickyness of a regular soda - lol - but it is true...it 
actually leaves a yukky taste on my tongue, and B) I would rather use my 
carbs on better tasting stuff such as pizza, or KFC biscuits or Ben and 
Jerrys.  I mean, if I have to bolus for 40 grams of carbohydrate (I assume a 
soda has about 160 calories, pure carb - so 160 divided by 4 = 40 carbs), I 
would prefer to do it for ice cream or other stuff...if your body doesnt NEED 
the carbs you injest AND you take enough insulin to keep your blood sugar 
level, your body will convert those extra carbs to fat (or whatever the 
physiological process is), for LATER use...if I am gonna get fatTER, then let 
it be from ice cream, NOT from regular Coke!

same goes with the regular vs. nutrasweet yogurt...some people can not 
tolerate nutrasweet so it is probably better for them to eat the regular kind 
anyway and bolus for all the carbs....I have no problem with nutrasweet, and 
again, would prefer to save the insulin f(and calories) or something else


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