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[IP] Re: A Carb is a Carb is a Carb AND Re: Pregnancy

Hello all,

I have two questions about the "a carb is a carb is a carb" discussion.
Basically I know that is true (except for the fat and fiber issues), but my
question is: if so, is it hypothetically just as good for us to have regular
soft drinks and bolus for them as to have sugar free soft drinks? If so, is the
reason that we use diet drinks just so that we don't go through vials of insulin
too quickly? Since I started carb counting, I have been eating regular or
low-fat yougurt instead of the kind made with NutraSweet and done just as well.
So my other question is to those who are pregnant or have been pregnant: when
you are pregnant, do you just use regular caffeine-free soft drinks and bolus
for them to avoid the NutraSweet? Is NutraSweet harmful to the fetus?

To those who responded to my last post wondering whether anyone would be
interested in a separate pregancy/pumping list group, I checked with Michael,
and he let me know that there are not yet enough women on the list who are
either thinking about getting pregnant, trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or new
moms to keep such a separate list active. So, for now at least, he said we
should post pumping/diabetes/pregnancy questions and discussions to the main
list. But maybe as the IP list continues to  grow it can eventually be another
separate list.

Thanks everybody!
dx 6/93, STILL waiting for pump!!
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