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[IP] RePly to IP English Muffins

Hi Paula, i don't have a problem with english muffins, maybe you need to 
bolus more for them, i need to bolus for more bagels. Or maybe you need to do 
a dualwave bolus, its worth a try either way. I think you should be able to 
eat pretty much what you want being on the pump, but there are some variables 
with the food and what you eat as always. If i eat say cheez its or fritios i 
have to take more of a bolus and even do a dualwave bolus if i eat them in 
the evening. YMMV. take care and good luck! Eileen

Paula wrote:
The past three morning, I have had an toasted english muffin and eggbeaters
(2 eggs worth). The last two, my BG has been around 100 pre eating. I bolus
for the normal 27 carb total....I just now checked my BG and it was
260.....three hours later. Anyone have ANY clue what the heck is up with
this?? Am I just freaky when it comes to english muffins?????

Hi Paula,

English muffins are one of those absolute no-no foods for me,
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