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[IP] Re: early stages of kidney dz

> are there any physical symptoms that would let a person know that they are
> the early stages of kidney disease?  I'm not sure that my endo is doing
> right tests.  The one I used to have did a 24 hr urine collection at least
> once a year, but this one doesnt.  She just does the spot test for protein
> far as I know.  Is that enough?  I'm paranoid about kidney failure and
> been waking up lately with my eyes and face swollen......sometimes my
> and feet.  But she said that my last tests were normal.  So what could it
> be????
> Sharon

I think it behooves our caretakers to do the best for us, and run the proper
tests. That 24-hr urine test is one of the best indicators, which includes a
blood draw very close to the finish. I know of a couple who went to the lab
to get their required blood tests for marriage and found out she was in
kidney failure. He did marry her and they have had a struggle since. She had
no idea she was that bad off. There is a diminished amount of urine output,
but it is over time. I noticed that I peed about 3-4 oz maybe 3 - 4 times in
a day, but when I got up of an a.m., I could overflow a quart jar.
Kidneyologist said that's because the nerves to the kidneys relax when
sleeping, allowing the urine to flow. I compare it to a pebble in a brook -
is it smoother today than it was yesterday? Hard to notice the difference.
It is still happening.

If you're not happy with the care of your endo (perhaps is one who thinks it
is inevitable anyway and when the real damage is too late will acknowledge
you need help), I'd ask for a second opinion through a nephrologist. BTW,
since YOUR insurance is paying for the 24-hr. urine test, and not hers, she
shouldn't balk AT ALL about your *demand* for the test. ;)

I hate to admit it out loud, but I do think I'm feeling better since
starting dialysis 7/8/02. I don't have to share my food or gag on it
anymore, and my nap attacks are greatly diminished. However, those needles
are about to do me in!!! (~_^)

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